Beware the fog on the eve of Hallows

There is a reason the fog’s there. It allows those that’re normally hidden to move more freely as their shackles of imprisonment are loosened for their night of power.


The little flicker you thought you saw, that movement of shadow when you know you’re alone, there is a reason you thought you saw it, it happened.

It was like this a few years ago, when a friend, James, told me something he witnessed on a Halloween night taken over by the mist.

They had just moved and their neighbours a few doors down invited them for dinner. Things were going well; the family have a daughter which they talked about. Although she wasn’t at the dinner table. James didn’t want to pry as to why and thought nothing else about it.

After a couple of drinks, he needed to use the bathroom upstairs.

Once finished James walked out quietly to make his way back. He turned back to the hallway after closing the bathroom door but was startled by a young girl in her pyjamas. She didn’t say anything, just stared, then went into the room she was standing next to.

They started to tuck into dessert as James returned when the father apologised for their daughter not being able to join them.

James responded, “That’s fine, in fact, she gave me a bit if a startle upstairs just now and looked tired, is she feeling ok?”

Their neighbours fell silent, until the dad spoke, “What on earth do you mean? Felicity is out with friends, but should be back any second…”

The front door closed just as he finished his sentence.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, the fog outside was so bad the closer to home I got, Rachel had to drive really slowly.”

My friend said this Felicity looked similar to the girl upstairs but was definitely a different girl. When he said this, the neighbours all turned white as a sheet.

There was an incident in the family decades back; a family member, she was committed after it was discovered she murdered her sister. They were told that this family member had passed away earlier that day in the asylum, when the weather was all clear.

On that night of death, the fog, it was noted especially, due to the ambulance on route having an accident because of it.

James thought back, realising that the attire the girl he saw wearing was actually a hospital gown… Then the cold realisation dawned on all of them, the reason the girl ignored the encounter, it was not James that she was waiting for…

The neighbours called the night short.

James and his wife went back home and never heard from the neighbours again as they moved out the next day and put the house up for sale.

Every Halloween the fog spills in, they make it a point to keep a wide berth from that house.

So beware when the fog stays, you never know what’s hiding within it.



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