Beware the fog on the eve of Hallows

There is a reason the fog’s there. It allows those that’re normally hidden to move more freely as their shackles of imprisonment are loosened for their night of power.


The little flicker you thought you saw, that movement of shadow when you know you’re alone, there is a reason you thought you saw it, it happened.

It was like this a few years ago, when a friend, James, told me something he witnessed on a Halloween night taken over by the mist.

They had just moved and their neighbours a few doors down invited them for dinner. Things were going well; the family have a daughter which they talked about. Although she wasn’t at the dinner table. James didn’t want to pry as to why and thought nothing else about it.

After a couple of drinks, he needed to use the bathroom upstairs.

Once finished James walked out quietly to make his way back. He turned back to the hallway after closing the bathroom door but was startled by a young girl in her pyjamas. She didn’t say anything, just stared, then went into the room she was standing next to.

They started to tuck into dessert as James returned when the father apologised for their daughter not being able to join them.

James responded, “That’s fine, in fact, she gave me a bit if a startle upstairs just now and looked tired, is she feeling ok?”

Their neighbours fell silent, until the dad spoke, “What on earth do you mean? Felicity is out with friends, but should be back any second…”

The front door closed just as he finished his sentence.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, the fog outside was so bad the closer to home I got, Rachel had to drive really slowly.”

My friend said this Felicity looked similar to the girl upstairs but was definitely a different girl. When he said this, the neighbours all turned white as a sheet.

There was an incident in the family decades back; a family member, she was committed after it was discovered she murdered her sister. They were told that this family member had passed away earlier that day in the asylum, when the weather was all clear.

On that night of death, the fog, it was noted especially, due to the ambulance on route having an accident because of it.

James thought back, realising that the attire the girl he saw wearing was actually a hospital gown… Then the cold realisation dawned on all of them, the reason the girl ignored the encounter, it was not James that she was waiting for…

The neighbours called the night short.

James and his wife went back home and never heard from the neighbours again as they moved out the next day and put the house up for sale.

Every Halloween the fog spills in, they make it a point to keep a wide berth from that house.

So beware when the fog stays, you never know what’s hiding within it.




wallpapers-320x240It’s just a blade of grass. That is all. But it is there, right next to you. The wind forcing it to bow down, but, even without this invisible conduit of pressure it would bow down freely if it knew; if it was able to take just a simple glance into your eyes, it would be over in an instant. All of its simple inhibitions, melting away into oblivion, and humbly not caring. Because it had you, just for a second.

I was much more fortunate of course, I felt your touch, your breath, your very warmth all over me. I carried this blanket in my memory on those nights when you were not there. I still carry it, no matter how heavy it gets. That warmth is still there.

And your long auburn hair, glorious, the smell caked my senses as each strand tickled my face, and our noses touched in the softest, sweetest of ways, moving ever so swiftly side to side as we mimicked the Eskimos and giggled ridiculously.

See what you did just there? Made me smile again, so why do I still cry? I have this memory of a kiss, this smell floating through my senses, never leaving.

June and Alex say hi, they keep asking how I am, how I’m coping. I lie of course, but they probably know that.

With a thought I paint the greatest façade, but no matter the colours I use, it’s still dark. The wind blows away my creation like sand being swept away by the tide, smearing the different coloured grains against the canvas.

It’s not great, and I long for when I can smell you again, hold you again… love you again. I know you can’t hear me, but it doesn’t matter. That blade of grass, it knows just as I do that it’s enough just to be here.

Your dad says hi, as does mum, seeing them helps, but this journey, it’s too damn long and it’s too damn cold! I want you to be happy, I want you to grow old, I want you to love, I want you to smile… even if I cannot. Wherever you are.

I do like what they have done with the stone, even if the acronym R.I.P. isn’t exactly a happy one, you chose wisely when you could… always the creative one.

Remember that old fool you used to tell me about? The one who used to have riddles for everyone, and used to dance everywhere he went? I met him too. He had nothing but good words to say about you, you are right though, he is definitely a little bit mad.

I have to go now, they’re calling me, they even gave me these wings, so at least I can come visit you now and then.

I’ll wait for you, but promise me you will live a long beautiful life, make a new blanket, and we can join them when we meet again. Love you always… Wife.

Badger Wars!

Image 2

So I’m here, stuck in a bog, with nothing but the stench of the swine next to me squealing incessantly like a banshee on acid trying to escape this trap of nature.

How’d I get here? Would you believe – badgers?

It started a few hours ago, there I was, having tea with the family when our two ginger cats started acting oddly. We nicknamed them ‘The Ginger Ninjas’, on account of them being able to swing on the net curtains. They darted towards the patio and started meowing – growling at whatever they could see.

Curious I decided to have a look, when the trash can gets tossed violently to the floor! I opened the patio to investigate; wifey and kids, scared, ran upstairs to view the events from the bedroom window, leaving me to fell whatever beast had decided to encroach on to our lands.

I switched on the patio light – there it was, a badger! I swear it was more like a bear! Its white stripes acted like war paint, its teeth snarling at me; the ginger ninjas rushed out and positioned themselves like velociraptors on a hunt.

I decided to grab my son’s huge water canon with back pack.

I squirted a single blast near the huge beast to try and scare it – but it charged forward; I rushed backwards, stumbling over the patio entrance. I tried to drag myself in, looking like a flip flop wearing overweight ghost buster.

Before the Badger could get to me, the cats attacked, it just knocked them to the side nonchalantly and chased them into the distance, so I followed.

I heard the cats’ ‘meow’ in the farm which is in the field behind our house, and this is where the pig comes in. Unknowingly I encroached into its pen, and it decided to chase me out, followed by what looks like an army of badgers dancing like silhouettes on the horizon, preceded by two felines running for their lives. I slipped and landed in this thing, with the pig.

Now I need to escape, luckily the water canon is attached with a rather strong hose.  I swing the gun; it anchors itself just enough so I can leverage myself out. Unfortunately, my trousers get sucked into the bog along with my flip flops.

The farmer appears with all the commotion, he sees his pig in the bog and me in my ghost buster getup, trouser-less.

I hear the cries of the ginger ninjas behind me as they rush past, the badgers aren’t far behind. I shout, “Run!”

The farmer quickly pulls the pig out of the bog; I grab the ginger ninjas and leg it back towards the house, throw the cats in, slam the patio shut with my trailing foot roaring into the air like William Wallace after a battle! It was only then I notice the in laws sitting on the sofa, drinking tea. This is going to be a tough one to explain….

The Dark


I only went out to buy some milk. Baby Millie had dropped the bottle on the floor, spilling it everywhere. She has to have her milk before bedtime, and Joshua; he is probably wondering where daddy has gone.

Susan, oh how I wish I could feel your touch again, the comfort it brings. I need it so much right now, because that thing will be back any minute, I know it. For what feels like months now I have endured; biting, torture, tied to this slab, with tubes for my defecation and urination glued onto me.

This thing force feeds me in the dark, it does something to me, something that forces resistance to fall away.

That decision to walk, not drive, has cost me so much, my family so much, but soon, I will have leave of this place. Argh, it cuts, burns, but my hand is almost free. I feel a warm trickle from my wrist as finally the flesh gives way.

Oh god the pain! But I must do this, flesh grows back. This monster’s proven that when it’s angry. It’s always either angry or gentle. The gentle times it merely drinks from my neck, tenderly. But other times it’s angry, violent, biting my flesh. I learned not to scream, as it excited the beast more; when it’s angry its skin is course, like sandpaper, scratching my skin.

When it is calm and gentle, its skin is much softer, fur like. The dark meant I never saw it, the teeth were always the same, that’s all I can remember, those fangs, digging into my jugular, taking its fill until I’m almost gone, then relenting, feeding, returning, back to the dark for it all to restart.

Hah! My hand’s free. But I can’t stand, my legs haven’t supported me for so long they’ve forgotten how, so I hold myself upright.

How will I escape this place? I must kill this thing, but how? I know, I can strangle it, the tubes! I pull the one inside me. Argh! God knows what has come away with it, I don’t care, I hear the footsteps. It’s coming back. I lie back onto this slab and pretend again. Soon, family, I’ll be back.

The lights go off, I hear it, stepping closer, it’s gentle this time, but this is false. I wait for it to get close to my neck, I feel its warm breath just before it bites me, then I do it. I strangle it with the tube, it squirms for a moment, and it’s over sooner than I thought it would be… I’m finally free.

I head to the light switch, adrenaline driving my legs forward, forcing them to walk. I flick the switch to observe this monster, but it is no monster, it is beautiful. Half fawn, half female human, this couldn’t be the angry beast. Did I make a mistake… or is there another?

An angry roar echoes above me, and then comes the dark.